Casino E-Games with Auto Spin and Big Win Jackpots

E-games have become a trend today in online gambling. It is just like a simple video game with money bets included. Many online casinos offer these casino e-games with auto spin and big win jackpots as part of their enjoyment and fun offer to their members. Modern Casino E-games are now equipped with Auto Spin features to help you Win Big Jackpots.

There are a lot of online casinos to choose from and the best way to get one is checking its features and bonuses that can help you get Big Wins and Jackpots.

Casino E-Games with Auto Spin and Big Win Jackpots

E-games, specifically the video slot machine games, before only have 3 reels, 3 rows, and 1 pay line. To achieve a win, you just have to set your bet amount and click the Spin button to get reels rolling.

After that, you now have to wait for 3 identical symbols to line up on the single pay line. You need to do this every time you want to spin. That sounded tiring at during that time but players managed to adapt and enjoyed the game anyway.

New technology allowed the casino game developers to improve their online machines which allowed them to add more features that can help players be more convenient to get big win jackpots prize quickly. One of these features is the Auto Spin which helped the player spin continuously without the need to press the Spin button every round.

Casino E-Games with Auto Spin and Big Win Jackpots

Casino E-Games with Auto Spin and Big Win Jackpots

Casino E-Games Auto Spin Features

With the Auto Spin feature, you just need to set conditions that need to be met on every spin on casino e-games. You can set the number of spins, the maximum amount of bet, or the amount of losses before the spinning stops.

Once your conditions are set, instead of clicking the Spin button, you may now click the Auto Spin button and wait until the conditions are satisfied. This way, you can just sit back, relax, and enjoy while the reels automatically spin. Waiting for you’re a big win jackpots is now all that is left to do.

The Jackpots differ on each e-game. There are the Fixed Jackpots and Progressive Jackpots to choose from. For the Fixed Jackpot, a fixed amount of jackpot is set to be won depending on the requirement of the game. The types of e-games which offer a Fixed Jackpot usually have high round payout rates but the actual jackpot is relatively smaller.

Big Win on Progressive Jackpot

If the casino e-games has a Progressive Jackpot, the payout rate may lower but the jackpot can grow into insurmountable amounts. The Progressive Jackpot continuously grows every time a player spins because part of their bets goes to this increasing Jackpot. Some Progressive jackpots can grow up to a million in amount that is why it is usually very tempting to many players to get big win jackpots.

The best way to win these jackpots, especially the Progressive Jackpot, is to use the Auto Spin feature because you will definitely need a lot of spins to hit it. If you are aiming for the jackpot, set the minimum bet amount and fix it for a number of spins. This way, you will limit your losses but still have the chance to win on every spin. The best part of it is that you are having the chance to hit the jackpot at the lowest possible cost.


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